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What is ITY™?

The ITY Interpretype set

Interpretype®, also known as an ITY™, is a communication system that provides "Universal Access to Conversation."

This system works in three possible ways:

  1. Text messaging between devices to enable non-signing hearing people to communicate with people that are a Deaf, Hard of Hearing or Speech Disabled. The system is also capable of translating text based conversations from English to/from Spanish or French.
  2. Streaming Video and internet telephone connections allow remote video interpreted conversations between hearing and Deaf individuals. Video also enables Deaf individuals to call other Deaf or hearing people using Video Relay Services.
  3. Internet Telephones provide instant access to remote translators enabling translated conversation between English and 240 foreign languages.

Interpretype is used by organizations to make their services and career opportunities more accessible. It levels the playing field when necessary qualities for face-to-face dialog are lacking; such as hearing, speech, or language comprehension. Interpretype has proven value in Education, Courts, Career/Employment Centers, Restaurants, Hospitals, Libraries, Airports and other Business and Public Accommodations. It is intuitively easy to use, requiring only basic keyboard skills and the ability to understand a common written language.

Customers like Interpretype because it lowers communication barriers that arise due to hearing or speech related issues. And, its optional Language Translation Program assures language comprehension by translating, in real time, conversations between Spanish or French speaking people and English speaking people.

ollowing is a list of additional Interpretype attributes that expand user benefits, ease of use and value:

  1. Interpretype can translate text conversations from English to/from Spanish and French in real time. This broadens the sphere of influence well beyond Deaf and hearing conversations.
  2. ITY terminals are Windows computers that are scalable, upgradeable and designed for anyone to use. The display is easy to read due to the full color screen with a wide range of adjustments to compensate for low vision individuals or poorly lit working areas.
  3. ITY is also available as a software only solution or software/hardware solution and can be installed on any currently owned Windows computers. This allows the flexibility of using currently in place hardware in conjunction with ITY software. This minimizes expenses and maximizes the use of currently owned equipment.
  4. ITY can be used with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth or USB to USB. These connection attributes allow users to have private conversations over a private intranet (USB to USB or Bluetooth), wirelessly throughout any facility either face to face or at a distance (Wi-Fi), or over the LAN or VPN which would permit current workstations and ITY computers to communicate with each other. This makes ITY easy to deploy among already established IT infrastructures. In addition ITY software is capable of handling over 100 users in a single conversation.
  5. ITY Computers can also harness the power of the internet and stream voice and video to connect to remote interpreters and translators. This adds significant value because users can communicate with people who understand only sign language. It addition, ITY can now connect to live interpreters enabling translation to/from 240 spoken languages other than English. ITY also solves communication challenges for Deaf individuals in the workplace. It's the perfect accommodation allowing interoffice communication among fellow employees and telephone calls to Deaf or hearing people in or out of the office.
  6. All ITY hardware and software comes equipped with Microphone Headsets. Interpretype has registered Skype contact names that enable hearing users to call Video Relay Services, Over the Phone Translation services and ITY Customer Support instantly with the click of a button. These services expand Interpretype's capabilities to include Video Relay Service (VRS), Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and Over the Phone Interpreting for foreign languages (OPI). Interpretype users also have the added benefit of being able to call other Skype users for phone or video chat anywhere in the world for no extra fee.
  7. ITY delivers all communication programs with a one to three years of customer support. It includes any program upgrades released during the customer support period at no charge, unlimited user training and technical support as required. ITY customers like this approach because it assures they always have the most current ITY configuration, a staff that is fully trained and a place to call for assistance when required. All ITY customer support is included in the selling price.