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Language Translation

The ITY Interpretype set

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Interpretype® Language Translation Module NOW AVAILABLE!

Interpretype®, also known as an ITY™, is an interactive communication system that provides a means of communicating without using speech. When connected to a PC, the ITY™ for Windows software can now be expanded to allow conversations between English and Spanish or French speaking people.

With the click of a mouse, you can choose the appropriate language for each user. This allows one user to read and type in English while the other user reads and types in Spanish or French. Conversations are instantly translated and sent to the other device in the language selected. Conversations can also be saved and printed in the language desired.

Instant bilingual conversations can occur within your organization 24/7. Whether your needs are internal among employees or external as a customer service tool, Interpretype is the solution.

Interpretype software runs on Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems. Whether using the ITY Communicator cable, LAN, or WI-FI connection, any XP or Vista computer can utilize ITY software for same language or bilingual translated conversations. Customers have the option of purchasing preloaded ITY Computers or using their own Windows XP or Windows Vista hardware platforms with ITY software. This allows our customers the freedom to use in-place hardware, recycle older hardware, or purchase new equipment based on their requirements.

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