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Deaf-friendly Toolkit

Contents include:

  • Interpretype® the conversation piece™ user's manual.
  • "Creating a Deaf-friendly Workplace" handbook: A quick-reading pamphlet loaded with ideas and suggestions, to ensure that your business is friendly to Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing customers and employees.
  • "Let's Communicate" - A handy booklet containing basic signs and tips for communicating with deaf people.
  • Display materials: All the supplies you need to promote your Deaf-Friendly business and advertise the fact that you have Interpretype®. These include one 5"x7" window sticker, one Interpretype® poster and "Welcome to the conversation piece" automatic startup screen loaded on each device.

ITY™ Equipment

Interpretype computers are built on 11.6" Laptop PC platform. These powerful, low profile computers make services more accessible without being intrusive to the working environment. ITY computers feature a 11.6-inch full color screen with font and contrast adjustments that make communicating easy for a variety of users in any environment. Every ITY computer is delivered with Windows 8.1, Wi-Fi, stereo speakers, Bluetooth, audio input and output connections and a web cam. These ultra-portable computers can access the Internet, Video Relay Services and Video Remote Interpreting. Every ITY Computer comes preloaded with ITY Communicator software, and affords customers the option of adding the ITY Language Translation software. All ITY computers can be connected wirelessly through the internal Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or using the secure ITY Communicator cable or Ethernet connections. Peer-to-peer and multi-user configurations are all possible.