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How is ITY™ used?

Here is a brief list of some of the most common applications of Interpretype® .

Its only limitation is the vision of the user.

  • Accounting firms
  • Airport check-in counters, baggage claim offices and security counters
  • Auto sales, service and collision repair facilities
  • Bank tellers and officers' desks
  • Book store information desks
  • Civil Service field workers, to assist in customer communication
  • Conference rooms
  • Coffee shops, which provide dedicated conversation tables
  • Doctors' offices for office staff and/or private doctor consultations
  • Federal and state agencies, to assist in public communication
  • Financial Advisors
  • Grocery store customer service counters
  • Hospitals and emergency departments
  • Police departments and agencies, to assist in immediate communication
  • Insurance agencies
  • Large corporations, to assist in ADA compliance
  • Law firms
  • Pharmacies
  • Real Estate offices
  • Retail sales outlets, to assist with customer interaction
  • School administration and registration

Virtually any organization would benefit by becoming more Deaf-Friendly!

The ITY Interpretype used in banking