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Interpretype Deaf-Blind Communication System

Deaf-Blind users enjoy unlimited access to wireline and wireless telephone communications, SMS texting, instant messaging, internet access, VRS and face-to-face conversations. Includes two ITY computers, Jaws Professional and one Focus 40 Blue. Interpretype Deaf-Blind Communication System (ITY DBCS 2.0) has incorporated a host of features to enable Deaf-Blind braille users the ability to communicate in a variety of situations. The ability for Deaf-Blind individuals to call or text message friends, family or colleagues, or communicate face-to-face with anyone anywhere, is now literally at their fingertips.

Interpretype Deaf-Blind Communication System

Distance Communication

For distance communication, users have the choice of using IP-Relay, SMS Text Messaging or Instant Messaging. Once connected to the internet using the included WiFi or ethernet connection, users can connect to anyone by simply selecting the “Phone” icon. Placing calls using IP-Relay, texting or instant messaging people can all be done within this braille friendly interface. Saving contacts, buddy lists and IP-Relay information for future use is readily available. No subscriptions or fees are required for using any of these services.

Face-to-face Communication

Face-to-face conversations with a sighted person are easily accomplished by connecting wirelessly to the included companion ITY computer. No internet connection is needed for face-to-face conversations. Just select the “Text” icon on the ITY computers and they will open the Conversation Display Window and connect to each other automatically using Bluetooth. Once connected, conversations are accomplished using our face-to-face text messaging application. This program has options for regular or expert braille users, adding preloaded statements and the ability to save and print the conversations.

Included in the Package

The Interpretype Deaf-Blind Communication System includes two full featured laptop computers that easily fit in a single lunch box sized bag. These computers include Windows operating systems, virus protection software and are pre-configured to communicate with each other and over the internet. Jaws Professional screen reader software is pre-installed on one of the computers and paired with Freedom Scientific's Focus Blue 40 refreshable braille display. Easy to navigate help menus are available on the desktop as well as within the applications along with pre-configured braille commands.

Additional Capabilities

Users can use take full advantage of other computing tasks such as emailing, internet browsing or office tasks. Other software can be loaded onto these computers. Microsoft Office, financial software and other common applications can be added to personalize the computer to the user's preferences.

» Download the Interpretype DBCS 2.0 Brochure (PDF)

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