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Product Configuration

Interpretype C2.0Interpretype C2.0

Our basic system for instant conversations between Deaf and Hearing people.

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Interpretype T2.0

Interpretype T2.0

In addition to communicating between Deaf and hearing individuals, the T2.0 adds the ability to translate languages between English and Spanish or French speaking individuals.

» Learn more about the Interpretype T2.0

Interpretype DBCS 2.0

Interpretype DBCS 2.0

Deaf-Blind individuals can now call or text message friends, family or colleagues, or communicate face-to-face with anyone anywhere.

» Learn more about the Interpretype DBCS 2.0

Interpretype STC2.0

Interpretype STC2.0 Speech-to-Text Communicator

A fully automated, real-time, interactive captioning system.

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